Silent line - deaf

A tablet for communication with the deaf is available on request at the following workplaces:

  • Urgent income for adults - l. 6767
  • Urgent income for children - l. 3654
  • Department of Pulmonology - No. 6632

Silent line

The coronavirus pandemic brings many new measures that affect every citizen of the Czech Republic. Pro the deaf situation is even more complicated. They receive information only to a limited extent, they cannot make phone calls, they can take care of everything they need.

Tichý svět, ops has been providing the service since 2008 Silent lineWhich ensures online transcription of spoken language into text and sign language interpretation non-stop and free of charge. You can also use this service at any time in case the deaf comes to you.

Please support the deaf together in their ability to communicate with the hearing world. For example, by knowing about this service or registering for it for free and thus becoming a barrier-free place.

Open the interpretation and transcription <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">here</a>, where you either make a simple and quick registration, or in case of urgency you select the option "Call SOS" on the right.

It is also important to know that an unknown caller can call you at any time and introduce himself as an interpreter or transcriber of the Silent Line, who is currently arranging the call of a deaf client.

Learn more about the Silent Line <a href="" data-gt-href-en="">here</a>.

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