Early Variables Research Center

Registration number: CZ.2.16 / 3.1.00 / 21517

Brief description of the project: The project was implemented in the years 2014 - 2015 with the financial contribution of European funds in the OPPK program. The amount of support was CZK 16.

The subject of the project was the creation of a research center for early variables in the treatment of children at ARO children. The primary focus of the research is on two areas, namely projective ventilation and monitoring of vital functions and examination of body cavities (diagnosis of internal bleeding). Acquired devices help monitor and support the vital functions of pediatric patients. The obtained clinical data will be the basis for the development of binding methodologies and procedures for early treatment and urgent procedures during the project sustainability period.

The project was implemented by the University Hospital in Motol in support of technical and consulting cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Technology.

The following devices were purchased within the project:

  • device for artificial lung ventilation - device head, circuit holder, trolley,
  • portable sonograph - instrument body, analytical SW, SW color doppler, PW / SW, musculoskeletal probe, vascular; abdominal, nerve probe; vascular probe, small parts,
  • computer server,
  • PC to bed
  • PC for data evaluation,
  • control software - license and system connection with monitors and fans,
  • control software - operating room license and connection,
  • control software - license for data evaluation.

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