The power of connection: The Fúze exhibition, a joint project of the Saudk family in support of the Be Charity foundation fund, will bring life to the FN Motol space

Today, a monthly exhibition of original photographs by the prominent Czech photographer Jan Saudek and his wife, photographer and publicist Pavlína Saudková, began with a chamber opening in the headquarters building of the Faculty Hospital in Motola. Well-known personalities from the social world as well as important personalities from the field of medicine stood in front of the lens.

The exhibition was presented for the first time in November 2021 in the main building of the Czech Post Office, and the proceeds from the financial support of visitors were used as part of the charitable projects of the Be Charity foundation, which is also a long-time supporter of the Motol FN.

"We managed to connect people with an effort to help children who were not born under a lucky star. Those who are close to each other even in their private lives connected, but also those who have never met. That's why the exhibition is called Fusion," says project co-author Pavlína Saudková.

The mission of the Be Charity foundation fund is to support long-term ill or otherwise disadvantaged persons and their family members who care for them, whether in the form of contributions for treatment, rehabilitation, or the purchase of medical aids or materials.

"We want to know the story of each applicant and help with specific destinies. Be Charity considers one of its most important messages to be direct help, constant contact and the possibility of continuous support for people with disabilities. Our experience shows that regular help to a specific child/adult is one of the best ways to alleviate their difficult situation, so if we know that a rehabilitation or treatment program helps and it is possible to help the client pay for it regularly, such help not only makes sense , but it is also decisive for the future of the given individual," says the founder of the fund, writer Barbara Nesvadbová.

Since 2020, the Be Charity foundation fund has supported FN Motol with contributions for care and equipment across clinics in the total value of CZK 11. Among the most significant gifts was, for example, a revolutionary system for transporting transplanted organs LUNGGUARD for more than one and a half million crowns or Voluson Expert ultrasound, used to examine the heart of the fetus for three million crowns.

The Fusion exhibition will be located on the ground floor of the headquarters building until 3/5/2024.

TZ_The power of connection – Fusion Exhibition


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