Emergency resuscitation training

European Social Fund
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Registration number: CZ.2.17 / 1.1.00 / 31972

The project acquainted the employees of the Motol University Hospital, ie health professionals and non-medical staff, with the modern concept of first aid and taught them to react promptly and to proceed correctly in life-threatening situations. The aim of the project was to ensure a continuous increase of theoretical and practical skills of basic and advanced cardiopulmonary resuscitation of adults and children.

Urgent resuscitation training is a project that was supported by the Prague Adaptability Operational Program, Priority Axis 1: Support for the Development of the Knowledge Economy. The subsidy comes from the European Social Fund, the state budget of the Czech Republic and the budget of the capital city of Prague. Thanks to support from OPPA, new devices and aids were purchased for the CPR classroom, namely: transport bed - Linet Stretcher SPRINT, Powerheart AED G3 Pro defibrillator, Innomed CardioAid 200B defibrillator, MEC 1200 monitor, intubation head - AirSim Multi, phantom - simulator and training program for teaching CPR, adult torso model - AMBU MultiMan, baby model - AMBU Baby, complete educational set - laryngeal masks and laryngoscopes.

The training will continue even after the end of OPPA support. It is stipulated that each employee must undergo training every 2 years.

Project Manager: Ing. Martin Půlpitel

Results of the training satisfaction questionnaire:

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