Modernization and renewal of the equipment of the comprehensive oncological care center of the University Hospital in Motol

Registration number: CZ.1.06 / 3.2.01 / 01.00071

Brief description of the project: The project, which was launched in August 2009 and was subsidized 50% by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund, enabled the new instrumentation of the Center for Comprehensive Oncological Care at the University Hospital in Motol. Radiation therapy devices were modernized and a magnetic resonance device was newly purchased. This has increased the quality of radiation treatment and expanded the capacity of imaging diagnostic technologies.

The modernization of the brachytherapy device from 1997 and the planning CT provided parameters for the adequate quality of planning and application of radiation treatment. In the field of diagnostics using imaging methods, the acquisition of another magnetic resonance imaging device with a 1,5 T field and the modernization of a SPECT camera performing tomographic examinations is a great benefit. The hospital has thus achieved the necessary increase in capacity and improved functions of these important diagnostic tools. This also significantly reduced the burden on patients.

The comprehensive oncology center of the University Hospital in Motol provides all types of care for oncological patients in the field of application of anti-cancer chemotherapy, hormone therapy, biological target therapy, teletherapy and brachytherapy. In the field of radiotherapy, it provides care for both adult and pediatric patients. Specialization in radiotherapy of children is one of the most unique in the Czech Republic.

Children's patients are cared for by the Children's Oncology Center of the University Hospital in Motol, the core of which is also the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, 2nd Medical Faculty, Charles University, which provides a unique range of pediatric care in the Czech Republic, including teaching and international research. Approximately 4000 children and adolescents with tumors and blood diseases are monitored at the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Approximately 180 new cases of children with cancer and 500 children in total (eg relapses, benign tumors, blood diseases, etc.) are accepted each year and 30 bone marrow transplants from donors are performed.

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