More beds for newborns and mothers after giving birth

Press release from October 18, 2022 – The University Hospital in Motola opens the modernly renovated Specialized Care Unit for Newborns and the new Department of Childbirth for mothers who decide to give birth in the largest Czech hospital, where over 2700 babies were born last year. FN Motol is a specialized healthcare facility with the widest interdisciplinary cooperation in the treatment of adult and pediatric patients. The perinatology center of the Motol hospital is unique, among other things, in that it provides and coordinates comprehensive care for newborns with various congenital developmental defects.

Specialized care unit for newborns is a place where postnatal adaptation and treatment of premature newborns (from the completed 34th week) takes place, whose blood circulation is stable, do not require respiratory support, but must be monitored and, if necessary, treated under the increased supervision of doctors and pediatric nurses. The originally more seriously ill patients are also transferred to this department, or premature babies from the Intensive Resuscitation Care Unit after stabilization of vital functions, as well as babies who were born in other hospitals and need specialized care, e.g. in the case of prolonged post-natal adaptation, slight immaturity, congenital developmental defects of various organs, pre- and post-operative care of immature children , to ensure infusion treatment, the need for long-term treatment and more complex interdisciplinary examinations with the assumption of longer hospitalization.

"Thanks to the reconstruction, we were able to increase the number of beds from the original 12 to the current 21. This represents a significant increase in the availability of specialized newborn care for children both from Prague and the entire Czech Republic. Until now, due to the full occupancy of the beds in this unit, we have not been able to accept even several children per week, which becomes virtually impossible with the opening of the renovated Specialized Care Unit," says doc. MD Roman Chmel, Ph.D., head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinic of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of the UK and the Motol FN.

Newborns are placed in incubators during their hospitalization in this department, namely in two spacious rooms with a total capacity of 15 beds. Another 3 double rooms with their own accessories and comfortable equipment (TV, refrigerator, telephone) are used for mothers before discharge, so that they can try out how to care for their baby, including the possible administration of medication after discharge to home treatment, but also practically practice proper movement rehabilitation.

New rooms of superior accommodation for mothers after childbirth

The reconstruction also increases the bed capacity for the care of mothers in childbirth. Until now, FN Motol had above-standards in two departments for six-month-old women, which have a total of 30 beds. There are three single rooms on each of them. They will now be joined by this third ward for mothers in childbirth with a capacity of 5 single rooms.

"We understand the needs of expectant mothers who want this type of stay after giving birth. It will provide them with enough privacy and comfort in a modern and as homelike environment as possible. We built the new post-natal department especially with these wishes in mind. From today, we can provide single accommodation for up to 11 mothers and their babies," says JUDr. Ing. Miloslav Ludvík, MBA, director of FN Motol.

Rooms for mothers are stylishly and modernly furnished, with private bathroom, TV, fridge, kettle and WiFi. The price for a stay in all single rooms is the same, namely 2 CZK per day (for the mother and her companion). An experienced team of empathetic midwives and neonatology nurses will take care of mothers and their babies in the new maternity ward.

The length of hospitalization after an uncomplicated spontaneous birth ranges from 3 to 4 days, after an uncomplicated caesarean section 4 to 5 days. "I believe that thanks to the comfortable equipment of the rooms and the overall pleasant atmosphere that creates a feeling of home, mothers will experience the first beautiful moments together with their baby," adds the head of the clinic doc. MD Roman Chmel, Ph.D.

technical specifications
Course: January 2022 – July 2022
Total investment: approx. 60 million CZK

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