Clinical evaluation in FN Motol

Welcome to the website about clinical trials (KH) in FN Motol. We provide administrative support for commercial and academic clinical trials (CZECRIN) at the Motol University Hospital. Every year, we process around 90 contracts for clinical trials across medical disciplines. Organizationally, OKH falls under the section of the Deputy Medical and Preventive Care MUDr. Martin Holcat, MBA.

They take place at the Motol University Hospital

  1.  Clinical trials of drugs
  2.  Clinical trials of medical devices
  3.  Academic clinical trials - with the support of CZECRIN

As part of the administrative support of academic clinical trials, we can help with:

  • by filing with the national authority of SÚKL
  • submission to ethics committees
  • creating a synopsis of the protocol according to the requirements of SÚKL
  • creating informed consent and patient information forms
  • by concluding contracts with partner centers in the Czech Republic
  • monitoring the study

More information about the national research infrastructure CZECRIN can be found at -

If you have any questions, please contact our start-up coordinators at the following e-mail address:

  • M.Sc. Eva Sarah Al Jamal - tel .: 224 431 017, 601 354 311
  • Veronika Šourková - tel .: 224 431 004, 722 983 730

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