Quality and safety of health services

Accreditation of Motol University Hospital 2021

Motol University Hospital defended highly prestigious quality certificate United Accreditation Commission, ops The external audit, which the hospital underwent in the last week of January, dealt with the fulfillment of accreditation standards for hospitals. The result of the audit is the recognition that the hospital has met all quality standards and departmental safety indicators and created the conditions for the provision of quality and safe care.

Quality and safety of health services - University Hospital in Motol

The Accreditation Commission monitors compliance with standards and indicators of safe care established by the Ministry of Health. The standards apply to all activities taking place in the hospital. From hospital management and monitoring of quality indicators, through patients' access to health services, diagnostic and treatment procedures, to the safety of the environment in the hospital buildings and premises. Great emphasis is placed on patients' rights. The hospital had much to boast about, for example, new treatments, the equipment of new devices and the improvement of the environment in the reconstructed children's hospital. The improvement in the areas that are most important to the patient is evidenced by the continuous monitoring of the quality indicators that the hospital has chosen to monitor the quality and safety of health services. Patient satisfaction is the best proof that the hospital management and staff are succeeding in our efforts to continually improve health services.

Quality monitoring at FN Motol

The level of provision of health services in terms of their quality and safety at the Motol University Hospital is assessed by an external evaluation of the quality and safety of health services. The hospital has implemented a quality and safety management system in accordance with the accreditation standards for hospitals of the United Accreditation Commission, ops, which overlap and extend:

  • Requirements for the internal quality and safety assessment system in the sense of the provisions of § 47 par. 3, let. b) of Act No. 372/2011 Coll., on health services and conditions of their provision, resp. minimum requirements according to the Bulletin of the Ministry of Health No. 16/2015,
  • evaluation standards in the sense of § 98 paragraph 7, Act No. 372/2011 Coll., on health services and conditions of their provision, as amended. Minimum evaluation standards according to Decree No. 102/2012 Coll. on the evaluation of the quality and safety of inpatient care.

The level of quality and safety of health services is evidenced by the Motol University Hospital by accreditation within the scope of the above-cited quality standards.

Quality management system

Internal audits

Internal audits are a tool for monitoring and verifying knowledge and the effective implementation of internal measures. Internal audits can draw attention to the risks arising from non-conformities and are valuable feedback for the executives and management of the Motol University Hospital. Internal audits are performed in accordance with the Health Services Quality and Safety Plan for the given calendar year.

Monitoring and evaluation of adverse events

An adverse event is any unforeseen event that occurred during the health care process or any unforeseen event at Motol University Hospital that resulted in patient injury or risk of injury or disrupts the normal operation of the hospital or poses a safety risk to patients, visitors or employees. Motol University Hospital has an internal system for reporting, analyzing and resolving adverse events, including the adoption of corrective and preventive measures.

Monitoring the satisfaction of hospitalized patients

Patient satisfaction research is very important feedback from hospital management to improve services. At the Motol University Hospital, the survey is conducted through a questionnaire, which every hospitalized patient or escort of a minor patient should receive at the medical institution where he or she is being treated. There is a mailbox at each bed station where the completed questionnaire can be thrown.

Accreditation and certification of individual medical workplaces

All clinical laboratories in accordance with the requirements of health care payers demonstrate quality certificates INSTALLEDHERE.

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