Nicotine addiction treatment center

Since 2005, the Center for the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction has been operating at the Pneumology Clinic of the Motol Medical Center, as one of the first five in the Czech Republic. The head of the program is a doctor who has undergone training at the IPVZ and also closely cooperates with the VFN Reference Center and continuously updates her knowledge and skills. The aim of the Center is the treatment of tobacco addiction and effective help in quitting smoking using nicotine replacement therapy or Champix.

The center treats not only Motol FN patients, but also patients who seek our help on the recommendation of their general practitioner or find information about the center's activities on the Internet. The center also deals with the treatment of tobacco addiction in specific groups - school children and youth, pregnant women.

The Center's office hours are every Wednesday from 14 p.m. and every Friday from 13 p.m. in the clinic's ambulance area. Clients do not need to have a recommendation from a general practitioner or other specialist doctor, all they need is an ID card and an insurance card.

The introductory lesson, when the degree of nicotine dependence is determined, an initial examination is carried out, the client is introduced to the withdrawal methodology and the appropriate medication is determined, lasts approx. 30-45 minutes, control examinations are then in the range of approx. 10 minutes, about 4 times over a period of 3 months.


MD Soňa Csémyová
tel .: 224 436 667
workplace connection (tel.): 224 436 646

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